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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Successful Vaginal Stimulation

After years of talking to women about sex, I have learned a few things that women do and do not want from their man. The first and foremost issue is that vaginal stimulation should not feel invasive. It is very difficult for a woman to get aroused when she feels like someone's entire hand (or anything else) is going to come up and out through their mouth. Call me blunt, however, I have learned that when it comes to sex, people want to be told the truth and you can disregard the sugar coating. So now let's get to the meat of the matter, so to speak.

All of the nerve endings that are in a woman's vagina are in the first 1/3 of her vagina. Any activity that occurs beyond that point does not increase stimulation. It only tends to take away from the other areas you are trying to please, since the woman is now concentrating on how far you are going to go. Let's recap. We want to concentrate on the clitorus and the first 1/3 of the vagina. It is as simple as that. Since most women do not have orgasms during intercourse, this fact probably contributes to this. If we did have nerve endings from beginning to end our orgasms would probably send us far into another galaxy never to return again.

I write this blog to all the individuals that feel that farther in the vagina is better. Next time you are stimulating your partner try to take your fingers, toy or whatever you typically use and simply tease the area just inside the vagina and you will soon see an increased intensity in your lady's level of vaginal sexual arousal.