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Friday, December 31, 2004

Should Someone become a Mother at Age 67?

The headlines have been flooded with the news that a 67-year old woman in Romania is pregnant with twins after receiving fertility treatments to ward off menopause for the past 9 years. When will we put an age limit on how old a woman should be to give birth? I am all for freedom of choice, but what about the choice of those twins who may end up taking care of their mother and father before they are even old enough to date. These kids very well may end up watching their parents deteriorate during their most precious moments of growing up.

I am a mom and can relate to the desire of wanting "your own" children, however, I feel sometimes science is pushing the envelope for recognition. I also feel that having children in your 60's and I am sure soon it will be the 70's it is a selfish act without regard to how those children will feel. These kids will love them because they are their parents. But, at some point in time we need to say that for the emotional welfare of the kids, "You are too old to become a new mom."

You can check out this story on BBC News.