Julia's Java Joint

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Changing Your Life in 365 Days

The holidays are a time we visit with family and friends. Many of which we don't see on a regular basis, but do so because it is expected. I always get depressed after the holidays. I guess alot of people do, that is why everyone tends to drink more. We run around for weeks like chickens with our heads cut off and in a matter of hours it's over. Reality sets in that the party is over and now we have to get back to the reality of trying to pay off the bills we incurred before we create new ones next year.

After the initial after Christmas depression subsides we look forward to the new year with optimism. This will be the year I lose the weight, or stop smoking, or get a better job and so on and so on. Many of which will be forgotten by the time the New Year's Hangover goes away.

I have decided for the first time in my life I will set those goals, write them down where I see them everyday and devote the entire year to accomplishing each one, one by one. I am challenging myself to see what would happen if I succeeded in accomplishing each one and how my life might change within a one year period of time. Imagine how different your life could be 365 days from now if you actually accomplished the things you have been talking about all your life.

Make your lists and work on those things everday, I would love to hear from everyone this same time next year on the changes in your personal, professional and financial lives.